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We are based out of Mechanicsburg, PA 17055


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We strive to meet or exceed your expectations!  We strive to impress!  

All of these prices are general guidelines.  We want to make your event special and will discuss various options and specifics with you to create you own unique experience.

 Beth and the Boys

Birthday Parties! 

We bring the entertainment to your birthday party! 

What you can expect: 

-75-90 minutes of line twisting by one or more of our experienced balloon twisters. 

-up to 8 children at your party: 
Kids will receive at least one advanced creation (i.e. horse, ladybug, dolphin, turtle) 

-9-15 children at your party: 
Kids will receive at least one medium creation: (i.e. alien, 2 balloon dog, Super-dooper sword) 

-16-20 children at your party: 
Kids will receive at least one basic creation: (i.e. balloon dog, balloon sword, flower) 

Party cost: $85.00 

Add-ons: (in addition to party cost) 
Balloon birthday cake hat: $15.00 
How-to-twist balloon class (3rd graders and up): $30.00 

For balloon decorations, centerpieces or themed character, please inquire for pricing information. 

Beth and Boys TWISTING (Festivals, grand openings, employee appreciation events)


Balloonman Dave is our founding and the most experienced twister.  He enjoys making things bigger, brighter and more advanced than normal.  So if you are looking to just get a balloon in someone's hand, he might not be the best option because his prices are a little higher.  


Balloon Man Dave TWISTING (parties)

$110 - for the first two hours and then $50 an hour after that.  We'll create what you want in the time frame that you have.  If it's a 2-hour birthday party and you want each of the 8 kids to receive a balloon, each child will get some big and fancy balloons.  If you have 50 kids, each child will get a smaller creation.  

Balloon Man Dave TWISTING (Line twisting - business grand openings, customer appreciation)



ENTERTAINMENT & STAGE SHOWS (church groups, scouts, Upward events, school assemblies)

$ 400 - Balloon Show (30 minutes)

$ 600 - BIG Balloon Show (30-45 minutes)

$ 800 - REALLY, REALLY BIG Balloon Show (30-45 minutes)

$ 1000+ - Humongous, Over The Top Balloon & Entertainment show with larger than life balloons, hopping music and lots of laughter.

and up - We create balloons bigger than life and can entertain groups of 50-800 with a hilarity of balloons and entertainment.  Each show averages 30-45 minutes.





$60 - Standard Column (about 7-8 foot high)

$120 - Standard Arch (fits around a double door)

** contact us for specifics.